Her debut release ʻCapsuleʼ was her fantastically colourful, elemental tour de force – deserving that warm space in your minds ear, reserved only for something truly special. By releasing two outstanding EPs in 2011 called ʻBy The Fire/Now and Hereafterʻ and ʻAquarius Dreamsʻ she shows great musical curiosity and inventiveness. Cornelia is definitely a voice of her own and a composer of great promise.

Cornelia has already caught the ear of numerous contemporaries, from José González declaring she has a ‘charming voice’, music mogul Guy Sigsworth exclaiming her simply ‘wonderful’ to Flying Lotus urging her to keep up the good work as ‘it sounds really, really good’.

Cornelia’s formative years in Sweden were spent making songs to the backdrop of Öland’s magnificent and vast landscapes. It was only after years in choirs, playing in bands, performing on other records and a brief spell as a songwriter for other artists that Cornelia was pushed to explore the possibilities of DIY music. And so ’Camp Mozart’ became the label home for her own musings. Close friend Jamie Woon managed to pursuade Cornelia to re-locate to London from her homeland in 2009.

Since then her music has taken yet another turn, as her songs build like audiographic landscapes against a vast, boundless sky. Perhaps best described in Cornelia’s single ‘Stormy Weather’ in 2012, Cornelia’s music not only gives you an insight in her complex, layered productions but portraits her passion for visual storytelling in a quest to ‘encourage links between all human senses’.

Year 2012 and 2013 was a time of exciting co-laborations with several widely acclaimed artists such as Portico Quartet (Real World Records), Scratcha DVA (Hyperdub), Henry Saiz (Natura Sonoris) and Bonobo (Ninjatune). The song ‘Steepless’ is written by Cornelia and Portico Quartet in close dialogue. The detailed simplicity of this song brings back memories of lives passed and ultimately dares to ask the big question about life and death from a slightly new angle. ‘Steepless’ was released on Portico Quartet’s self titled album end of January 2012 and as a live recording on the newly released Live/Remixes album. ‘Pretty Ugly’, written and produced by Scrathca DVA and Cornelia featured as the title track for Scracha DVA’s debut album on Hyperdub and has been described by Mary Anne Hobbs (XFM) as ‘a beautiful track with a dazzling sound’.

In 2013 Cornelia produces ‘Fill me up’ with house producer Henry Saiz which becomes a big power ballad for the club scene. Same year Cornelia sits down with Bonobo to write the closing track for Bonobos acclaimed third album The North Borders. ‘Pieces’ results in a number of guest appearances on Bonobo’s year long world wide tour, including the memorable opening concert at the amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia for Dimensions Festival. In the autumn of 2013, Portico Quartet invites Cornelia to join their three week long live tour in UK and France.


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